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Limerick Commercial Storage

  • All workers are given their own code to access the facility. This can be tracked and 24 Hour Access is available
  • We can handle all deliveries and collections to and from your storage unit FREE of charge. Forklifts, Pallet Trucks, Trolleys and Handcarts all available on site
  • We cater for any size you need. Out monthly contracts enable you to rent space on a month by month basis with no large outlays
  • Straight forward monthly invoicing & easy set up for as little as 1 month or for as long as you like. The price you will be quoted will include service charges, Utility Bills, Security & Rates.
  • No legal fees when setting up contract
  • No Auctioneers fees to handle when moving in
  • Month by Month contracts available
  • Free Move in Service
  • We are ISO accredited assuring a full quality standard


Damien Shaw
Quirke & Shaw Cleaning Suppliers, Limerick

We started out using a small unit in limerick self storage for all our stock and a place to take in deliveries, thanks to the flexibility of the facility we were able to expand our unit to the size we need. We now have 1500 Square feet to store all our stock.
One of the major benefits was having the staff in limerick self storage being able to take in deliveries and also leave stock to be picked up by couriers when needed. This meant we were able to concentrate on other aspects of the business and not wait around to sign for deliveries or wait for couriers. A lot of our deliveries arrive on pallets and having a manned forklift available on site is very important to us.

Kieran Sheehan
Apex Fire Ltd, Nationwide

We use Limerick Self Storage as our Limerick depot for all our stock and equipment. We currently have taken a large unit to house all our various types of extinguishers. Our extinguishers arrive down from head office every week by courier and it is superb to have the staff in limerick self storage able to off load these large steel crates full of extinguishers by fork lift and leave them into our unit without us having to be there. We have to send back this steel cage at the end of every week and the staff in storage load it up for us all free of charge and part of our services in limerick self storage.
The location in the city centre is ideal with ease of access to our large customer base in limerick city and also the close proximity to the dual carriage way allows us to travel anywhere in Munster easily.

Tommy O’Donoghue
Merck Sharp & Dohme, Worldwide

We have been using self storage for a number of reps working on the road with Merck. We store all our promotional material and it’s super to have a base in Munster to have this stuff secure and not have it clutter any office space or our cars.
One of the major advantages is having the staff in limerick self storage take in our stock and put it into our lock up as we would not have the time to wait around for couriers to send stuff to us.

Brendan McCarthy, Grant Thornton

The team at Limerick Self Storage really helped us out adding a cataloguing system for our files per department. We are delighted to know that our files are being kept in a safe and secure file storage set up in Limerick. Their track and trace system is excellent to always know where a box is at any time.

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