clean-grillMay 27, 2016
How to Clean your Barbecue

It's finally a weekend with barbecue weather written all over it and today we have witnessed a good few customers taking their BBQ out of storage for the Summer season. Below are a few tips to help with the cleaning process. Have a great weekend! Method Cleaning Lightly After Every Use Burn off excess food and grease. After you use your grill, turn the heat on high and leave for 15 minutes, or until the grill is no longer smoking from burning the food residue. ...

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bognor_24hr_lockersMay 04, 2016
Student Summer Storage Deal!

We are currently running a special summer storage deal for student. Storage costs normally €94.00 per month but for the students in UL we have a special offer of €95 for the Summer and that includes collection & delivery within Limerick city. We have been providing this service for the last 10 years. There may be an even cheaper option if you and 4 of your colleagues rented the room for €22 per week. The room size is 5 cu. m. and this would work out at €4.40 ...

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enhanced-32545-1440609031-5Apr 08, 2016
42 Storage Ideas That Will Organise Your Entire House

1. Install an appliance lift that goes right into the cabinet. 2. Store your pans on these genius slide-out racks. 3. Install a dish-drying cabinet directly above the sink. 4. Make use of the space in front of your sink with these false front drawers. 5. Store your foil and plastic wrap in a mounted magazine rack. 6. Put a fold-out ironing board in a spare drawer. ...

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